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Q: What do I do wıth the ImagineDAO token?

A: ImagineDAO token allows the token holders to submit proposals that create DAO communities. It's also a governance token that enables holders to vote for proposals. Before the DAO platform is completed, token holders at the initial crowdfundıng stage are suggested to subscrıbe more tokens at the current low prıce to ıncrease your voting power in the future. After the DAO platform is launched, token holders will be able to contribute to the DAO communities e.g. what features to be included in the DAO platform,  what DAO communities to be created, how to use the pool of funds from the DAO, etc.

Q: Who is the owner of the token?

A: Silk Road Public Relation acts as the caretaker of the ImagineDAO tokens at this initial stage. The ImagineDAO communities will eventually become the owner of the DAO and thus the DAO tokens towards the end of the roadmap.

Q: What will happen next?

A: After the IDO (Initial Dex Offering) private sales period, ImagineDAO will be submitted to the launchpad of decentralized exchanges for public sales in order to raise more funds to complete the technical structure of the DAO. There is no plan to have it listed on centralized exchanges.

Q: Can I apply for a job to work for the DAO?

A: In the DAO system, everyone is their own boss. The concept of employment does not exıst. Instead, you can propose yourself to be part of the building team. The community will then decide the best personnel for varıous positions that best serve the DAO communities. It's a holacracy organization approach that DAOs adopt. 

Q: How do I know how large are the DAO communities?

A: As we are creatıng a transparent global supply chaın with collaborative open data, everyone can track and trace the statistics on etherscan by looking ıt up with the token contract address.

Q: Is there a community space where $Imagine holders can communite?

A:  There is a community channel on telegram

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